Tis’ the Season to be Single

Hello world! It’s Jesse again here with my latest and final blog. I must say that it has been a real treat writing these blogs for you and I do hope you have found as much joy reading them as I have found writing them. Now, back to the topic at hand.

The holiday season is fast underway with people scrambling to make holiday plans with their close friends, family, and significant others. Commercials are displaying those perfect little gifts to buy your loved ones to make them melt (Get it? Because it’s time winter and there shall be snow). Love is in the air and everybody seems to be getting their perfect happily ever after…except for me. Yes, Jesse is sadly single once again over this holiday season. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that being single over the holidays is probably one of the worst things on the planet…next to the plague of course. So what is it about this holiday season that drives all of us so crazy with the need to be in a relationship you might ask? The answer is actually quite simple.untitled

With constant images of happy laughing couples being shoved in our faces and every kiss beginning with Kay, it’s easy to see how one may get that sad and alone feeling over the holidays. Media has twisted the holiday season into having some crazy meaning that you MUST spend your holiday with that special lover or you are clearly a no-life. Fortunately, the holiday blues are nothing to fret over because it is perfectly normal to feel like a loser over the holiday season. An article on Daily Mail talks about new research from the USC’S Marshall School has revealed that reminding consumers of relationships they don’t have reduces their sense of deservingness and triggers them to restrict their own indulgent consumption. So, those happy couples that we see in ads receiving that perfect gift from each other on Christmas morning is supposed to make me feel happy and get me in the holiday spirit? I think not.

The Huffington Post talks about how many single people tend to treat their “condition” as if it’s a disease or defect and one should be ashamed of it. Therefore, if you are single, please stay indoors and save the rest of us the torture of possibly catching the “single” bug. Yes people, single is in the air and you could catch it too.


According to the Huffington Post, 45 percent of the adult population (104 million people) are single. Almost half of the adult population is single, but you still never see commercials geared toward the single adult. Instead, all of them are designed to sell to the happy couple. An article on The Frisky stated that retail companies believe that when people feel envious of others, they will turn to retail therapy to make themselves feel better driving profits through the roof. Unfortunately, I don’t think they understand that I shall not be buying their stuff when all of it is geared towards couples. Never have I thought to myself “Yes, I think I just might go buy myself that fancy diamond ring and propose to myself.” Not once has this ever crossed my mind. The only thing the holiday season makes me want to do is crawl in a hole and resurface when the chaos has finished, or for a more specific date…February 15th.


Now, I’m not just saying that one specific holiday is bad. The whole string of them are bad, with the exclusion of Thanksgiving. That one doesn’t really affect my feelings of being sad and alone. Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day are downright terrible for the single person. Around Christmas you get to see all of the happy couples buying each other gifts and surprising them with that special gift they wanted. On New Year’s if you don’t have someone to kiss when the ball drops there is clearly something wrong with you and you may have to resort to more desperate measures. Lastly, Valentine’s Day is probably the worst holiday of them all because it is specifically geared toward happy couples. No attention whatsoever is given to the people who are single. So of course I’m going to be jealous when I see someone on Facebook getting that four foot stuffed teddy bear that I wanted. All of these holidays are geared toward sharing your time with that special someone.

Now, what should we do about being single over this stretch you might ask? Embrace it! Realize that it is totally okay to be single over the holidays and you are not defective by being single. There are so many things to be happy for over the holiday season that you actually don’t need to worry about possibly dying alone…kidding. Here are my 5 helpful tips to avoid being sad over the holidays and turn that frown upside down.

  1. You don’t have to blow your money on useless gifts for people. Just think of all the extra time and money you will save by not making yourself go out and buy gifts upon gifts for someone trying to make sure they are totally happy. Even though people may say, “Oh get me anything, I’m not picky.” Never fall for this. It is a trap! Everyone is picky about their gifts, it’s just human nature. An article on the Huffington Post talks about the average amount one must spend on their significant other over the holiday season. For people who have dated for 2.5 years, the average amount one spends is $92.50 with an expected increase of $21 per year of the relationship. After 5 years of dating, the average amount spent jumps up to $200. Lastly, after spending 10 years together, couples spent around $300 on each other. Mr. Single over here doesn’t have to worry about that.154863-I-Just-Saved-A-Bunch-Of-Money-This-Holiday-Season-By-Switching-To-Single
  2.  Spend the money on yourself! Go ahead and buy that completely stupid gift you’ve been wanting because you deserve it for putting up with all that happy couple nonsense. All of that money you will save by not trying to impress a lover can be spent on something that will actually focus on making you happy. Don’t worry about appeasing someone else.
  3.  Mistletoe? Yes, you can kiss whoever you want throughout the holiday season without angering that old ball and chain. Get a little too drunk at the holiday Christmas party and kiss your best friends’ cousin… who cares! You’re a free and independent man/woman and you can do whatever you wish. So, go swap spit with that random person eyeballing you from the corner.tumblr_lt7170TiLR1r113vf
  4.  No awkward Christmas photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family. Who wouldn’t want to avoid standing awkwardly surrounded by a whole family of people you can’t even remember the names to and take a photo? Fortunately, you get to avoid all of this because you are single. Instead, you can take that awkward family photo with your own family as you ponder whether or not you are actually related to these people.
  5.  Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the joy of sitting at home doing the old Netflix and chill by yourself. No pressure of dressing up to impress someone and their family. No stress of having to bring a “homemade” desert you just bought ten minutes ago from Walmart to your family gatherings. All you need to worry about is placing yourself in front of your TV and make sure you know where the remote is. Also, Netflix has no commercials meaning that you’ll get to skip all of those terrible holiday ads that makes you feel so sad in the first place.

If you are one of the many people joining me in being single over the holiday season, please do me a favor and enjoy it. Get out and do things that you enjoy and maybe even volunteer to help others. This article on Psych Central lists numerous things you can do to help you cope with the loneliness over the holiday season. Life is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about finding that special someone. This holiday season, you can find me curled up in a blanket by myself loving every second of it.




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