About Us

All posters on this blog are senior level psychology students who are taking a required course for their major at Minnesota State University Moorhead. All posts and the views expressed by these posters in these posts are solely those of the students who are posting and do not reflect the views of Minnesota State University Moorhead or its employees or the Professor who is teaching the course in which these students are enrolled.

Our blog will focus on how social media affects relationships. We will cover topics like Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, and much more! Make sure to follow and share!

Meet the Bloggers:

Hello! My name is Jesse and given the world that we live in today, it is difficult for one to not have some sort of opinion on social media sites and apps. Even though people tend to complain about their social media addictions at some point in time, this never seems to refrain them from wanting to go back to them over and over again. Yes, I am guilty of doing the exact same thing. Social media is an excellent way to keep up with your old friends and family that you don’t get to see and talk to as often as you should. Unfortunately, social media is also a way for people to test their popularity by continuously posting photos of themselves trying to see how many likes they can get to help boost their self-esteem. This more negative side will be much of the basis for most of my posts. Considering the fact that I do not have most of the social media sites that many young people my age do (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), I will be focusing on things that I do know about and have experience with. These topics being the positives and negatives of Snapchat (because who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with their selfies), the continuous need for couples and friends to argue through social media and texting, while ending it off with a person’s attached relationship with their phone. Stay tuned!

Hey readers! My name is Courtney and I am one of four bloggers for RoboticRelationshipz. Most of us can agree that social media plays a big role in people’s every day life. From catching up with friends to wasting time scrolling through all your apps just to see what everyone is up to. It brings people together, but also has potential to tear them apart. Have you ever wondered why? These blogs will put some science in social media and relationships and give readers a better understanding for why things happen. My topics will include Instagram and self-esteem and relationships, the positives of social media, Tumblr, and the effects of texting. Hope you all enjoy our blog!

Hi all! My name is Sarah, and I have many interests when it comes to social media and relationships. I want to discuss topics that one might not think of as a typical social media site. My first topic is about Pinterest and the way it can take a toll on relationships. You will definitely see my personality come out through my writing style. Other interests I have are Yik-Yak, Catfishing, and the worst things one can do on social media to ruin a relationship. My goal through this blog is to show you the positive and negative outcomes when it comes to social media being a part of your relationship. Happy reading!

I’m Caroline and I am particularly interested in how social media affects romantic relationships. My blogs will cover Tinder, “Stalking” your ex via social media, sexting, and more! I will be bringing personal experience to many of my blogs. I am a big fan of Tinder despite its negative stereotype. Many see it as just a hookup app, but I will bust that myth and tell you the psychology of why it works! It’s always awkward when relationships end and what to do regarding social media (Do you unfriend them? Block them? Stay friends with them so you can creep on them and then you never move on?) These are questions a lot of people have and what you choose to do can ultimately have an effect on you psychologically. I am looking forward to informing you regarding these topics and telling you my personal experiences.


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